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Why can’t I comment on YouTube?



cannot comment on a YouTube video


A YouTube video’s comments section is a fantastic place to show support and offer suggestions. Many video producers rely on the comments and suggestions left on their work to improve the quality of their channel for viewers. What prevents you from commenting on a video, then? Some of the causes and potential solutions are described below, when appropriate buying YouTube comments.

All commentators on YouTube must have accounts to avoid people continuously breaking the terms of service (channel). You will be required to log in or create a channel if you attempt to comment while not signed in.

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What Affects the Failure of YouTube Comments?

Occasionally, the inability to comment is due to your unintentional violation of some YouTube Community Guidelines. Even though you may believe that your comment is fair and constructive, the video streaming service may find it to violate certain of its rules. Therefore, be sure you are not posting the following before taking any advice Hire freelancer.

The author of the video has disabled comments.

The video producer has most likely stopped the comments option on one or more of their videos, which is the most frequent cause of someone being unable to post a comment on a YouTube video. The producer may disable comments if a video contains contentious material to prevent spam or unwelcome responses YouTube comments and views.

Additionally, comments are automatically blocked if the film is geared toward minors. Users are required by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to specify whether a new video is meant for children or adults before uploading it.

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The video’s author has blocked your account.

If you previously left threatening or abusive comments in the comment box, the person who created the video may have disabled your account. You cannot see or comment on their videos if you are blocked. If you think you were accidentally blocked, you can send the creator an email requesting that they rethink unblocking you if they have provided their email address. However, they alone can decide whether to restore your rights. The YouTube employees are unable to help.

Additionally, you might not be allowed to post comments if your comment was flagged as spam. It happens if you leave comments before watching a particular video, publish links to other websites, or make the same comment more than once purchase of youtube comments.

There is a YouTube Restricted Mode on.

You may have a restricted mode enabled on your YouTube account. Click your channel icon to turn off Restricted Mode. Toggle Restricted Mode off by clicking the arrow next to it if it’s on.

Several users claimed that the inability to remark is resolved by switching this mode to the opposite position, switching back to the video feed, and then switching it back.

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The issue is with your browser.

  • Delete your cookies and cache – After trying the solutions in the preceding sections and being unsuccessful, consider clearing the cookies and cache from your browser before posting a comment. Any issues with cookies may be resolved by taking this action, at which point you should be able to comment once more.
  • Disable ad-blocking software and any other browser add-onsAd blockers and third-party browser extensions made specifically for YouTube may make it impossible for some users to leave comments on videos. To see if commenting is possible, try deactivating any browser add-ons
  • You are unable to comment because of a VPN.

An error message like “Comment failed to post” could result from a VPN provider interfering. YouTube may identify that you are accessing a server outside your area and forbid you from posting comments. Try turning off your VPN service and trying to post a comment again.

Your YouTube account is not currently signed in.

You must be logged into your account to comment on a YouTube video. You could comment on the video more quickly if you were logged in.

Your account has been flagged for spam.

If your YouTube account has been reported for spam, your commenting rights may be temporarily or permanently suspended. It is possible if you have previously made many inappropriate or spammy remarks.

The video is private or unlisted.

Suppose the video you are trying to comment on is private or unlisted. Only those who uploaded the video and approved collaborators can see and comment on it. In this case, you will be unable to leave a comment.

The video is too old.

Sometimes, after a predetermined amount of time, comments on YouTube videos are automatically deactivated. It prevents old videos from being inundated with spam or irrelevant comments. In this case, you won’t be able to comment on the video, even if it was previously enabled for comments.

A Communication Issue

A sporadic internet connection is one typical issue that hinders commenting. You can try to reset your connection by resetting the antennae on your phone by putting it in airplane mode, turning it off, and then back on. Alternatively, you might switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi or vice versa.

Minor Account

Users of YouTube are required to enter their age when creating an account. By doing this, you can ensure that you are seeing stuff suitable for your age. But if you didn’t, the video-sharing website assumes you’re a youngster by default. You only receive a limited number of features, such as the inability to access movies marked as inappropriate for minors or to write comments buy a youtube likes.

Inappropriate language

Some video creators can filter out offensive language automatically. It makes it more likely that the conversation in their films will be respectful and neutral. If so, you ought to carefully consider the comment you’re making. Even if you didn’t use crude or offensive language, you might have typed a word that the author finds offensive.


Overall, if you cannot comment on a YouTube video, it is likely due to one of the reasons mentioned above. If you still have trouble commenting, you can try contacting YouTube’s customer support team for assistance.

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How many backlinks are created monthly by the Delhi SEO agency for your website?




How many backlinks are created monthly by the Delhi SEO agency for your website

Search engines utilize algorithms to examine websites to identify the best match for a particular search because their ultimate purpose is to deliver useful results. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is popularly known for improving a website’s usability for search engines. High-quality content and backend optimization can increase a website’s worth to search engines and potential users. When a search engine discovers a website that provides helpful information, it is more likely to emphasize it on the results page for a pertinent search query.

Before developing a plan to boost your site’s ranking, an SEO firm must know your situation and the state of your sector. The following are some inquiries that an SEO will want to address:

  • How well is your website performing right now?
  • What are the appropriate keywords for your business and industry?
  • Are your website’s title tags and meta descriptions unique? Does your website take advantage of schema markup?
  • Is your website easy to use?
  • Which websites do you connect to, and those that you link to?

They examine the competition after thoroughly researching your website. They must be aware of what your rivals are doing well and what they are overlooking because such insights may present opportunities for your website to stand out. Additionally, there are expectations and standards within a sector. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your website follows the best practices.

Choose the top SEO services in Delhi to become well-known and rank highly on different SERPs. Whether starting a new business or managing an established one, search engine optimization is crucial. With its competence in this area, the top SEO agency will work for you the best way possible.

Increase in sales!!

You will see a rise in online sales thanks to search engine optimization. It would also be simpler for your website to attract more users and increase traffic. There are many different tactics used in search engine optimization. Improving your web rating will be easy if you are in contact with the best SEO agency in Delhi {for more:}.

Nothing can stop you from surpassing your rivals once you begin relying on this strategy through SEO services. You must ensure that the greatest SEO specialist performs your SEO to ensure you can receive positive outcomes for your organization.

How many backlinks are created?

Numerous SEO firms provide cost-effective SEO Plans to Improve DA, Backlinks & Rank – To support your website’s positioning on Google. They offer SEO services designed for businesses like yours and may help you increase traffic, leads, and sales. For example:

Based on the different pricing terms.

How many backlinks are ideal for SEO each month?

Although it can be challenging to forecast a certain number of backlinks, the monthly count greatly depends on the importance and size of your website. However, ten backlinks a month on average are secure for a new website. Remember that your website should be good as long as these links are obtained naturally and by Google’s web admin standards. Starting with fewer links and increasing the monthly quantity would be a great strategy.

Building links to your homepage and internal sites is the goal during the first few months, but as time goes on, you want to shift all of your attention to these pages. You want to do this because having most of your links connect to internal sites makes them appear more natural. Since people are less likely to link to website homepages, as was already discussed, you should adjust your link-building strategy to fit whatever comes across as the most natural.

The outline above only applies to new or existing websites that need updating. If you have an outdated website with more than 100 inbound links, you can create as many high-quality links as you want per month. Building more than 50 links every month will be challenging for you.

It takes a lot of work to establish links, and it will be challenging to get more than 50 new links per month unless you have created a material that has gained widespread acclaim or are purchasing links, which can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.


You typically won’t need to stress the pace of your link-building activities as long as all the links you create are high-quality and not spammy. You won’t need to worry even if you quickly generate a lot of links. However, I’ve heard that young websites with fewer than 100 links are penalized for growing their link count too quickly. For instance, you can see a temporary reduction in your website rankings if you build 500 links in the first month to a new website or an established website with few links.

It will pass quickly. The links will eventually rise to a position greater than the starting one. However, connection building too quickly can often appear a bit artificial. I do not know how Google’s algorithm with link velocity works, but this is what people try to go by. You want it to appear as natural-looking as you can.

Therefore, to create 10 to 15 new inbound links in the first month with a brand-new or older website with few links. Then you might start to raise it throughout the ensuing months.

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Best Deal To Buy Youtube Views For Your  Channel




Best Deal To Buy Youtube Views For Your  Channel

Thinking of Growing your own YouTube channel is one of many dreams since YouTube is the largest visual platform running globally; over 2 billion new users log in daily and increase your YouTube visibility. And if you are a beginner struggling to get more views and want to achieve stardom at one point in life. This Article is maybe for you.

As a Beginner, it can be challenging to obtain views as views define the rate of success a particular video has. Thus keeping views as a priority is one of the things one can think of, as it generates more competition among creators.

Is buying views illegal?

This question has been raised by many Beginners that giving priority to paid views has worth it? And as of nowadays it’s legal to buy any views if you buy views from a well reputed known place, the chances of being betrayed can be very less and even nil. Some people even think they will get banned or their videos may get deleted, but in reality, there is nothing like getting banned or channel deletion. But there are  again few things one must go through before finalizing any deal.

Reasons why views matter a lot on YouTube!

Youtube views nowadays play a critical role in times. One determines the rate of success as per view count. On the other hand, one can see the view as an Ambition or task they need to complete in a certain time. Some may even consider this a valid metric that may determine the popularity and quality of the video. However, many tools may define and clarify the Algorithms and success rate for views or subscribers, whichever is given priority by youtube.

Youtube view may be defined as the root of any video, or the First Impression carried forward by any common viewer. Youtube views are considered or measured as the overall popularity of the video. There can be some other brilliant Point that proves why views are more important than any other factor:-

High popularity – if you have a good number of views, why not you and your video feel a boost?

Marketing– once your Content gets rich in numbers, all you can do is choose your sponsor’s video so that more viewers can connect with you.

Medium of earning– after sponsoring, gaining profit from your videos on youtube is possible.

There could be many other reasons why you should improve the number of views rather than likes or subscribers.

How paid views are different from Real Views?

What are paid views?

Paid views are nothing but Some strategies that boost views in minimal time, like less than a year.

Some websites over the internet provide the facilities to enhance the tools of youtube, including views and subscribers, or even watchtime. Many beginners feel youtube is all about number game and insist on investing their money in paid views. Now, one can look into the many benefits of purchasing paid YouTube views from.

These are:

Minimal expenses:- thinking of purchasing youtube views is pretty inexpensive. One can infer the depth and can Finally. Stabilize their decision of purchasing views.

Rate of success is more:- after trying organically, you wish to purchase youtube views, and in less time, you are in a succession of great leads, so in the future also, there is no doubt that you will be in the limelight just after a few years of hard work. So this is ensured by youtube. If your video has more views, the success rate will increase.

It improves channel ranking – suppose you want any sponsorship or you want any advertisement for your video; it could be obvious that if your video has a good number of views, nobody can deny you to your face and the other hand if you and your channel have similar views like any of two the higher post creators cannot find much difference and opportunity can go. So it’s all numbers. Higher the number, the higher your ranking.

Increased subscribers and followers too

as a creator, you need to ensure that your Content is rich in quality at one point in your time; views matters but the if the ratio of views and likes match thus can be accurate. Also, if you need your Content to be visible, you need to get popular; this is a challenging one-day task. Thus take enough time for you to achieve this. You can say this takes a certain stage to reach out there.

Great initiative for beginning – starting and working hard for your youtube channel can be challenging. Most of us end up saying it doesn’t work out. People need external motivation. One of the best motivations can purchase views or subscribers too. So this can be impactful if your channel needs monetization.

Chances of getting viral- nobody achieves success at the very beginning of their phase, even though if you have paid a good amount to the agency and demand good views, the only thing observed is time and patience. Maybe you get ultimate success and uncountable views. Once you are there, the chances of popularity and dimensions get fast.

Engagement of new viewers – this is an obvious maybe your video run in the background just because of good ranking or views. Maybe the viewers want to find out why there are so many views. Thus, you must ensure that your video can convert a viewer into a subscriber.

Now there are still some categories left that enable you to look forward to companies before purchasing views:-

To find out the right service provider, consider the following things:-

Secure website:- you need to ensure that the site has a security system and some original certificates before they estate their terms and condition.

Systematic root for payment:- you should Ensure yourself before paying them the amount as there is no mutual familiarity between you and the third party Company.

Review that site in your surroundings:- you should not blindly trust that site, but you can trust the people who have rated it or added a valuable review for that particular site.

Ending words

As this is not a paid article so here you would not get any kind of website names of link for the site or any promotional Content. Here you may get the knowledge of pros and caution before considering any site.

In the end, looking for a trusted site is highly recommended, and giving a boost to your profile can be a Major and life-changing hack you can all do. So trust your process and work on it.

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Why does Twitch have Ads now?




Why does Twitch have Ads now

Every month, 7 million different streamers go live on Twitch to share their experiences with their viewers, whether they are dodging zombies, competing in e-sports events, learning chess from a Grandmaster, listening to stand-up comedy, seeing drag shows, or taking in a concert. Twitch offers a real-time platform for businesses, viewers, and content producers to interact as the premier live streaming destination.

How do Twitch ads work?

Twitch prioritizes the community while collaborating with brands. The most effective Twitch advertisers first comprehend the community’s values and behaviors. When content producers on Twitch reach the Affiliate or Partner level, they can make money by placing advertisements on their channel.

These commercials can display as pre-roll before streams or mid-roll breaks in the middle. It is up to the streamer to run adverts during the roll. Pre-rolls can be disabled by frequently running ad breaks during a stream, so new subscribers won’t usually see an ad when they first subscribe to a channel. These commercial interruptions could last anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Twitch Affiliate Partners

On Twitch, anyone can stream, but creators can unlock new features that allow them to monetize their channel after reaching a specific threshold.

At the Affiliate level, creators can employ personalized emotes, sell subscriptions, and profit from ad income. Creators must have completed at least 8 hours of streaming, at least seven extraordinary days of streaming, an average of 3 viewers per stream, and at least 50 followers to attain the Affiliate level.

Why does Twitch have ads?

Because of the advertisements’ funding, Twitch has many content providers, extension developers, and website administrators. Without ad income, Twitch could not provide all its viewers with ad-free viewing.

We know how irritating it is to see a pre-roll advertisement almost every time I enter a stream. It’s terrible.

The good news is that there are controls viewers and artists may use to restrict their exposure to ads.

Is It Possible To Remove Twitch Ads?

There are two ways to avoid ads on Twitch: first, viewers can subscribe to a channel to skip ads on just that channel, or second, viewers can pay $8.99 per month for Twitch Turbo to view the entire platform without ads.

Regrettably, Twitch has removed the option for streamers to disable advertisements on their streams; however, streamers can control the timing of these advertisements.

While Twitch depends on ad income to stay afloat, they realize that providing flexibility in the ad experience is in everyone’s best interests. As a result, the company offers viewers and streamers ways to do away with commercials.

Why Is AdBlock Ineffective On Twitch?

Because AdBlock frequently interferes with channel watching, it is ineffective on Twitch. This problem arises due to AdBlockers’ use of third-party scripts to change a website’s functionality. The video player then experiences performance drops. Because of this, it’s preferable to turn off AdBlock even though Twitch allows it.

The AdBlock policy at Twitch is quite lenient: the firm doesn’t alter the ad experience for users of AdBlock or prevent them from watching. However, your viewing experience can be harmed by AdBlock’s script-altering procedure.

How much do Twitch streamers earn from ads?

Twitch streamers generate $1–$2 per viewer each month by running three minutes of advertisements every hour with pre-roll ads turned off. According to Twitch Customer Support, this figure. Ad revenue is nevertheless dependent on a variety of factors.

You may be aware that more giant corporations pay their creators. However, it will please both viewers and streamers to know that streamers receive a sizable share of their advertising revenue.

But, Twitch streamers sign contracts promising not to disclose their ad-based income to outside parties. As a result, a lot of the information I’m about to provide comes from data on overall ad revenue.

Based on CPM (Cost Per Mile), a number calculated by various demographic groupings, Twitch streamers receive advertising money. Thus, not all advertisements pay equally.

Do Twitch advertisements work?

Twitch reaches an influential global audience thanks to viewers in more than 230 different countries. The majority of the Twitch audience is made up of Millennials and Gen Z adults. 3 64% of Twitch viewers make influencer-recommended product purchases. 4 As 56% of users tend to purchase brands they see advertised, these viewers are also amenable to advertising. This extends well beyond video games. 5 Viewers’ interest in material from Just Chatting, food and drink, music, and beauty continues to rise. Non-gaming content on Twitch has quadrupled in the last three years.

How can brands advertise on Twitch?

Brands can start a high-impact video display media campaign with a low investment. These include the ones on the channel pages, the discovery pages, and the Twitch homepage. Ad copy must include the advertiser’s logo or brand name, match the offered goods and services, and be relevant to them. The work must contain only accurate and verified material. All content must follow the Community Guidelines for Twitch.

Video advertisements are made for the public service as a brand’s entry point. So, you can easily run video advertisement on Twitch by. The next stage is integration with streamers when Twitch collaborates with companies to sponsor parts, position items, or otherwise interact with viewers in a way that feels natural to the channel. With the help of Twitch’s Brand Partnership Studio, businesses may develop on the platform, including original advertisements, activations that have never been attempted before, and sponsorships of specific streams and events.

Utilize programs that advance entertainment to align your brand with the experiences Twitch users seek. This features /twitch gaming, a dedicated channel on Twitch where the creator community and their viewers delve into what is new, now, and future in gaming, as well as Twitch Rivals, a destination for live, competitive entertainment on Twitch.

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